Laser-Assisted Therapy

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Laser-Assisted Therapy

Laser Assisted Therapy in Chattanooga, TNLaser-Assisted Periodontal Therapy (LANAP™) is an amazing breakthrough in periodontal treatment. Laser-assisted therapy is a gentle, non-invasive method of treating gum disease with little pain or discomfort.

This technique kills up to 99% of the disease causing bacteria that reside in the periodontal pockets, without cutting or suturing tissue. Because of the speed and efficiency of the treatment, healthy tissue is left unaffected while bacteria are instantly eliminated with no opportunity to adapt and survive in the mouth.

The Procedure
During your treatment, a small laser fiber is inserted between the tooth and the gum. The laser works on a specific wavelength, enabling the unhealthy diseased gum tissue to be removed while leaving the healthy gum tissue intact. This means there is much less post-operative stress to the mouth and patients feel well enough to return to work the very next day.

Laser-Assisted Periodontal Therapy vs. Traditional Treatment
This particular therapy combines the proven methods of traditional gum surgery with the precision and benefits of laser dentistry. In addition to other benefits, it saves gum tissue that otherwise would be removed to treat the disease. Because of this distinction, there is minimal loss of tooth and bone structure after surgery.

Other Benefits of Laser-Assisted Therapy when Compared to Traditional Gum Disease Treatment:

  • Minimal Bleeding
  • Less Discomfort and Reduced Recovery Times
  • Prevention of Root Decay and Recession
  • SAFE for Patients with Certain Health Conditions and those on Certain Medications

What is the Cost?
Laser-Assisted Therapy is comparable in price to traditional periodontal surgery. The cost can vary considerably depending on the degree of infection and damage to underlying tissue.

The cost for full mouth Laser-Assisted Therapy is usually less than the cost of one dental implant with associated bone grafting that is needed to replace a lost tooth. Given that tooth loss is a typical outcome of untreated periodontal disease, an investment in saving your teeth now is well spent.

Dental insurance benefits may assist in covering the cost of periodontal procedures. We can assist you in maximizing the coverage allowable by your dental insurance benefits.

What will occur if I do not treat my gum disease?
Periodontal disease causes the majority of adult tooth loss. It is a chronic and progressive disease that has detrimental effects on both your dental and medical health.